Registration will close at 11:59pm on Saturday June 24th

Art All Night – Trenton will connect artists with people interested in selling their art. The gallery will be open for viewing from Saturday July 8th from 3pm to 12am and begin again on Sunday July 9th from 6am to 3pm at the War Memorial Trenton.

Become a part of our gallery by submitting ONE piece of art using the form below.

PLEASE NOTE: 2D artwork cannot exceed more than 36″ in any direction AND artists must supply pedestals for sculptures.

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    Allowed filetypes .jpg,.jpeg,.png,.gif,.heic Max Filesize 8MB

    2D - Photography, Painting, etc3D - Sculpture, etc

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    Artists Agreement

    1. Art All Night - Trenton/Artworks assumes no responsibility or liability for the artwork submitted or artist website content.

    2. 2D artwork cannot exceed more than 36" in any direction AND artists must supply pedestals for sculptures.

    3. Artwork will be virtually displayed on the AAN website at the discretion of the Art All Night Gallery Committee.

    4. All artwork is to remain in gallery for the duration of the event.

    5. I may only submit one piece of artwork and that I must be the artist of the work submitted.

    6. I may not promote any organization, business or person, or other advertising in my art.

    7. Any artwork deemed sexist, racist or pornographic will not be accepted. This is at Art All Night's discretion.

    8. By registering for AAN, you acknowledge that you will be added to the Artworks and Art All Night - Trenton email list and will receive future updates about both Artworks programming and Art All Night. We will NEVER sell or share your name or contact information.

    9. You agree that your artwork may be used or captured on video by Art All Night and news outlets, and that Art All Night and news outlets covering Art All Night may use these for marketing purposes for both Art All Night and Artworks Trenton.

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