Gathering Guitars, H-54

D.J. Haslett (please make sure there is a period after the D and J)


Joanna A. Sadowska

COVID feelings

Jo Jantz

Schools Out

Jack Jay Turkel

Cosmic Yoni Magic


You can’t fight city hall

Brian Casale


Sergio Morua-Martinez

Golden Hour in India

Jane Derickson

What if a black girl knew

Exhibit A Art Design

Rosa Verde

Deborah Paredes

“You, O.k?”

Kay Reese

On My Way to the Beach

Marc Schimsky

Bad Vibes

Quayson Moore

Emergence 7

Maria Morales

Knight against Sky

Gary Paul


Christine Ochab-DiCostanzo

Lee’s Butterfly

Lee Williams

Made in Brooklyn

Albertus Joseph

Face to Face

Hemlata Dutt

You get what you get and you don’t get upset

Art Johnston

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