Nature’s Glorious Journey

Valerie R. Seefelt (The artist of the paintings on the two doors that were handmade by her dad, Harry Pawlukewich, who passed in 2019).

“Here’s Looking At You”

Patricia Todd

First Kiss

Kevin Pearce

Purrr-fect Love

Tandra Tarver

Ecosystem 21st century, Love Included

emily p chang

Pork Roll

Carey Gates

Three Hearts

L Ennis

Wishin’ Covid Away

Joy Irven

Red Tree

Michael Brockway

Little Fish, Big Pond

Jackie Dreger

A Night Out

April Cooper

Ruby Lights

Howard J Michaels

South Jersey Farm

Al Barker


Lisa Kahn

God of Smoke

Tess Fields

Be still and the Earth will speak to you

Wendy Most

Hope transcending

Jonathan cirlin aka espy dpt


Caleb Walker

She’s One With The Universe

Ayanna Bailey

Painting with My Titi Gigie

Bella Mia Rivera

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