2021 Selects Gallery

Off Limits

Tamara Torres


Miryam Copara

Blues for a Pie

Judy Caccavale

But most of all, I mourn for who I never became

Rodney Hargis

Sol Borinqueño (Puerto Rican Sun)

Xiomara Babilonia

Untitled (Yoskowitz)

Sara Yoskowitz

Dad Morning Fishing

René Kammeyer Seeland

Gemini Out of the Ether

Dillon Dunning

My first art studio

Daniel Soto

Hear the Music


Movin On’

Tom Chiola

Kermit’s Rooster

Lawrene Anne Raggio


Alex Morante

Empowering Your Roots

Yeny Ferreras Raposo

Piezas De Mi Corazon

Jazmyn Jones

Mommy and Me

Leticia Acevedo

Spirit of the Libra



Stephen Zorochin

Golden Hour in India

Jane Derickson

The worker

Maurício Torto

This Indenture

Maggie Rose

Self portrait of 2020

Patrick Slatin

Three Clouds On A Lily Pond

Leni Paquet-Morante

Storm Warning

Robert Giovannetti

Pastel Fusion Face and Flowers

Tegan James

Genie Emerging

William S De Kleine

State and Willow

John Gummere



Budgie Bird

Alexandra Pietsch

Basketball Court

Aubrey J. Kauffman

Mango Mama


Bernie on Inauguration Day

Jerilyn Collenburg

Call Me

Mackenzie Mauro

The Misunderstood

Brendon Connors

Harmonica Virgins

Valerie Young

“Wonder Bar, Asbury Park”

Marge Miccio


Jim and Lynn Lemyre

Schools Out

Jack Jay Turkel

I see you

Jose R Rosario

Ground Control To Major Tom

Alexei Biryukoff

Hybrid Lotus

Judith Miller

Mysterious Staircase

Crystal Davis



Geisha in black kimono at dusk

James Doherty

The Struggle Continues (2020)

Kavion Robinson


Kervin Andre

Wrinkles of the Water

Maura Whalen

Night and Day

Chase Blanchard Easley


Roshan Malik

Rustic Views

Caitlin Todd

Home Free

Trudy Borenstein-Sugiura


Anthony Dacosta

A different world

Hailey Weber

Sundown II


Grey and Pink Abstract

June Haynes

The Hunter

David Zimmerman

Smokin’ Blues

Howard Michaels

me regret consumes like fire

Melanie Vasa

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