Letters from an Immortal 5: Sun and Moon

phillip mcconnell

The Beatles

Miles Pleasanton

Negation to Creation, (Feminine Principle) Charcoal & Graphite 55x 82

Donald Stephens

The worker

Maurício Torto

Overwhelming Expectations

Elizabeth Kelly

Poseidon of Trenton

John Porfirio

A Hurricane A-Blowing

Geoff Trapp

Heart of a Warrior

Mary Fanelli


Renate Novak

Jim’s Lunch

Steve Lewis


Dasia Johnson

Ginsburg’s Words

Kate Schwartzman


Gail Fountaine

Kaleidoscopic Selfie

Bonnie Wilkenfeld

Feeling Two Faced

Daniel Caputo

9 Minutes and 29 Seconds: Ode to George Floyd

Erik James Montgomery

We All Float Down Here

Jackie Gassler

Call Me

Mackenzie Mauro

Abstract Figure

Jarod Mullica

Geisha in black kimono at dusk

James Doherty

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