Chain Reaction

Poramit Thantapalit

This Indenture

Maggie Rose

Letters from an Immortal 5: Sun and Moon

phillip mcconnell

The Heart Keeps Growing

Elaine Rosenberg

“New Jersey – County Map No. 15”

John S. Rounds

self portrait

Jinx Higgins

Heart of a Warrior

Mary Fanelli

Finding the Way Home

Ilene Dube


Kelly Marrone

Untitled (Yakubchik)

Yana Yakubchik

Mone’s Summer Dress

Beverly Keese-Kelley

Abstract Figure

Jarod Mullica

Alter Ego

Ava Bajwa

Bambu (Mercy)

Krysia Kolodziej


Faith Saunders


Jesse Vincent


Victoria Colvin

Sublime Enigmas

Kacey fisher

Landscape 2019

Roch Pisarek

Campbell’s Soup

Adel Strauss

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